Short Courses

Learn with the specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events.


6 hours


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What You Learn

How to fill and mask a cake

Decorating and presentation skills

Flavour layering

What You Get

Hands on training

Class notes

Certificate of attendance

Materials to Bring

Pen for note taking

Carry bag to transport baked goods home

Dress Code

Participants are requested to wear flat, enclosed, rubber soled shoes for comfort and safety in the kitchens. To ensure food safety procedures are followed, long hair should be tied back and all unnecessary jewellery removed.

Unleash your inner artist in this one day class.

Produce a visual, not to mention appetising, feast in this innovative avant-garde class; make and decorate a multi-layered colourful drizzle cake using simple but effective presentation and finishing skills.

Discover the secrets of generating and building texture and master the subtle nuances of layering flavour. In this class you will learn about the flavour profile, presentation and combinations of different consistencies and hone the fundamental skills of filling and masking a cake, using ingredients such as ganache, buttercream and meringue.

Realise the craft of creating simple and amazing garnishes to showcase your cake masterpiece; the drip and drizzle technique, neon buttercream, rainbow meringue and chocolate decoration.

Take home all you produce in class

A light lunch is provided for all class participants

On completion of this class you will receive a certificate of attendance.

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