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6 Hours


Once the Course has been purchased, you will be emailed a login details that give you access to the course learning materials to read prior to course commencement date.

Zoom invitation:  A day before the course commencement date, you will be emaild a Zoom invitation (login details) to join the course on the day.

Group booking inquiries: please send your enquiry to short course coordinator team:


- PC/ laptop, with internet, Speakers, a microphone, and webcam either built-in or attached to your computer, students have to be seen & heard during course duration for 6 hours.

- Phones are not recommended.

Learning Materials Instructions:

Prior to the training session, please download and save all these training resources to your desk top. 

-  LFS Workbook.

- Licensee’s First step fact sheets

- Licensee’s First Step Self-paced Guide, to download the guide that is appropriate to your type of liquor license.

Please note:  A good Understanding of written and spoken English is required to undertake this course: if not, you will need to enroll for the Face to Face shourt course we offer, and will be required to organise a NATTI interpreter to be present in the class to Translate: Please advise prior to the class if you are bringing an interpreter.

What You Learn

- Best practice in managing licensed premises.

- The legislative environment for liquor licensees.

- Understanding your liquor licence.

What You Get

Certificate On The Day, Upon successfully completion of the Training, you will be emailed a scanned copy of your Licensees First Step \ LFS certificate, the hard copy version of the certificate will be posted to your postal address.

The Knowledge of liquor law and licensee obligations under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.

Materials to Bring

-  Please note a Photo Identification to be shown - you will need to show your photo identification (drivers licence, passport, Keypass, proof of age card, etc.), as per LCV requirements. Please have ID ready to hold up.

- Note pad and pen.

Dress Code

Neat Casual

Places Remaining
Date Monday, 15 Jul 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Online Delivery via Zoom Virtual classes
Places Remaining
Date Friday, 26 Jul 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Online Delivery via Zoom Virtual classes
Places Remaining
Date Monday, 29 Jul 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Online Delivery via Zoom Virtual classes
Places Remaining

New Entrant Liquor Licence Training is a training standard developed by LCV – Liquor Control Victoria to ensure that applicants have an adequate knowledge of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, and Associated regulations.

Our short course via zoom is interactive and delivered in real-time via Zoom by Experienced trainers and hospitality experts, you will have the chance to ask questions and join in activities, just as you would in any face to face class.

Topic and purpose:

The aim of Licensees’ First Step is to provide an overview of Victorian liquor licensing laws, and associated regulations. This will assist licensees to comply with their legal obligations and contribute to minimising alcohol related harm in the community.

This course is one of many initiatives that focus on the role of a licensee and your role in minimising alcohol harm through the implementation of best practices.

Most new liquor licence applicants are required to complete Licensees' First Step (New Entrant Training), a Full day course. Liquor Licence applicants who have not completed the RSA course will be required to attend the RSA course as well as the Licensees' First Step training.


The course content includes:

- Purpose of Victoria's liquor laws

- Role of the regulatory authorities

- Understanding / interpreting liquor licence requirements

- Common offences

- Managing best practice

- Licensee forums and accords



You will complete the assessment quiz online through the resource platform.