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Free Short Courses -Pre recorded to complete in your own time

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1.  Fancy French Toast

Join Chef Dominique for a culinary journey as he shares his passion for all things French.

 Click here for Fancy French Toast

2.  Plate Like A Chef

Presentation is the key.  Learn some tips from our experienced Commercial Cookery Trainers Chef Tim and Chef Glenn.

 Click here for Plate Like A Chef

3.  Handle and Serve Cheese 

Develop and identify a variety of contemporary local and international cheese producers.

Click here for Handle and Serve Cheese

4.  Covid-19

An overview of the responsibilities of employers and employees in regards to Covid -19 in a hospitality workplace.

Click here for Covid-19

5.  Petit Fours

An introduction to petit fours with a tutorial and recipes from Patisserie Trainer Chef Chris.

Click here for Petit Fours

6.  Oysters

Join Chef Grant as he demonstrates oyster shucking  and discusses menu examples, farming techniques and the nutritional value of oysters.

Click here for the oyster tutorial

7.  Indigenous Cookery - "How to incorporate indigenous ingredients into your menu"

Chef Josh has a passion for native ingredients.  Josh worked with students from the National Indigenous Cookery Institute for 8 years and has cooked in remote areas including the TIWI Islands.

Click here for the Indigenous Cookery Tutorial

8.  Event  Management Masterclass

Join Sandra an Event Management Trainer as she demonstrates three "on trend" table settings; including white, classic floral and organic boho.

Click here for the Event Management Masterclass

9.  Gin Cocktail Masterclass

Join Dean from Little Lon Distilling Co as he demonstrates  three inspiring gin based cocktails.  Recipes included.

Click here for the Gin Cocktail Masterclass

10.   Sourdough Masterclass

Join Chef Paul and learn the secrets to making sourdough bread at home.  Recipe included.

Click here for the Sourdough Masterclass