Short Courses

Learn with the specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events.


2.5 Hours


What You Learn

Basic food pairing, tastings and accompaniments.

Correct brewing techniques for different types of tea White, Green, Oolong and Black 

Discuss and broaden the knowledge and skills of tea service across the cafe and food service industries

What You Get

Dilmah specialty tea samples

Course notes and a certificate of participation

A demonstration of traditional chai tea brewing

Materials to Bring




Dress Code

It is recommended that participants wear soft soled flat, enclosed, shoes and clean comfortable clothing. Long hair should be tied up.

William Angliss Institute together with Dilmah Tea have collaborated to offer a range of unique "Tea Inspired" short courses.  This course is ideal for those who are working the the Food and Beverage industry and for those who love to prepare and enjoy the perfect cup of tea.

Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Fernando, today the world's most experienced teamaker, has championed quality, authenticity and variety in tea. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah and offers a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea packed at source.

The course will cover the fundamentals to proper tea brewing, how to improve brewing techniques and broaden the knowledge and skills of tea service across the food service industry.  Using high quality tea sources and products you will learn how to select quality tea leaves and products, information about different tea varieties and the importance of water quality. 

During the course you will get to practice your tea brewing techniques and discuss the sensory experience of tea tasting together with basic food pairing and matching and learn how to recognise the differences between brew quality and tea varieties.

This specialised tea training provides a strong, foundation-level of tea knowledge, and helps you get one step closer to tea mastery.

Be ready to serve your guests and clients a ‘real cup of tea’.