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Disability Awareness for Frontline Staff and Community

This online program is a one of a kind disability awareness and communication program that was developed to break down stigma and give people the confidence to approach and communicate with someone with a disability in their work place and everyday life.

The program will cover:

  • Discrimination - what is it?
  • Prevalence of disability and statistics
  • Types of disabilities - the 4 most common categories – Physical, Intellectual, Sensory and Neurological.
  • Barriers and challenges a person may face living with a disability
  • Helpful tips and hints on how to best communicate for the best outcomes for yourself and the person with a disability.

What you get:

Knowledge to better understand people with disabilities and their needs.

Printable fact sheets to take away with you

Certificate of completion


What you learn:

 Types of disabilities and the effects they may have for people in everyday life.

Communication skills to better communicate with people with disabilities

Transferable skills that will benefit you in your personal and professional life

The program uses real life stories and scenarios of people with disabilities and features some of Australia’s most successful Paralympians.