Short Courses

Learn with the specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events.


6 hours


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What You Learn

Essential methods and kitchen skills

Base techniques for cooking

Understanding terminology

What You Get

Certificate of attendance

Recipe notes

Hands on training

Materials to Bring

We supply all equipment but participants may bring own knives to use in class

Pen for note taking

Dress Code

Participants are requested to wear flat, enclosed, rubber soled shoes and long trousers for comfort and safety in the kitchens. To ensure food safety procedures are followed, long hair should be tied back and all unnecessary jewellery removed.

Be a wanted person and allow your next dinner party to go down in a braise of glory.

Understanding and following a recipe can be overwhelming ; you’re instructed to sear, sauté, steam, braise, grill or blanch, but you’re not entirely sure what that means.  This class will introduce you to  the fundamental methods of cooking and teach you how to successfully execute these essential skills in your own kitchen.

From roasting to braising and everything in between, these base methods are applied to every cuisine of this world. Once conquered, these skills will allow you to confidently cook anything, and everything, from any region in the world.

Learn the science behind successful cuisine and how to master these skills successfully and confidently.

At the conclusion of the class participants will sit down together and consume the meal they prepared in class, with accompanying beverages.

On completion of this class you will receive a certificate of attendance. 

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