Short Courses

Learn with the specialist centre for foods, tourism, hospitality and events.

William Angliss Institute together with Maggie Beer Foundation have collaborated to offer a range of unique interactive and engaging online courses that can can collectively provide significant benefits to older Australians, to chefs and cooks in the profession.

The High Protein online course outlines the following:-

  • Collaboration of MBF research highlighting the vital role consumption of quality protein  plays in our elders wellbeing.
  • Educational sheets; ingredients with protein levels.
  • Tools to transform simple daily dishes and increase intake.
  • Recipes for higher protein meals, snacks and drinks.  
  • Tips how to increase protein intake for those with dry mouth and swallowing difficulties.
  • How to make sure that there is a balance between protein, fibre and the overall diet.
  • Simple activity to put understanding into practice.


  • Presentation slides supported by scientific evidence highlighting importance of quality Protein intake for elders, presented by Dietician Morgan Pankhurst.
  • Video introduction from Maggie.
  • Video cooking demonstrations.
  • Downloadable hard copy pages in word format.
  • Optional live chat and Q&A facility.


Meal time planner regular diet and High Protein version.


  • Understanding protein sources, quality (amino acids).
  • Understand the relationship between protein, fibre and the overall diet.
  • Understanding the specific needs of the older body and some difficulties with consuming protein (texture, swallowing, flavours and digestion).
  • Elders nutritional goals- maintain weight, muscle mass, meal enjoyment, every mouthful count.
  • Knowledge of importance and tools to increase the protein  in elders meals
  • MBF will share the ideal High protein menu, tools to achieve this.
  • Sample recipes…. Simple Additions and outcome.