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9am to 1pm

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What You Learn

An understanding of food allergens and the challenge they pose to food handling operations.

Knowledge of best practices with regard to allergen segregation and control in a food manufacturing environment.

What You Get

A Certificate of Completion on the day.

Materials to Bring

All materials are supplied.

Dress Code

Neat Casual

Food allergies, as well as sensitivities and intolerances are one of the most significant food safety hazards recognised by food manufacturers and retailers. Last year the biggest single cause of Food Safety Recall was the mislabelling of packaged food, primarily because of undeclared allergens being present in the food but not declared on the label.

Approximately 4 to 8% of children and 1 to 2% of adults have a true food allergy, many more experience adverse health reactions to certain foods due to a specific sensitivity or intolerance.This presents a significant challenge to food handlers and food businesses, who must ensure that accurate food content information is available to their customers.The food industry has developed a number of standards, initiatives, and methods to assist food businesses in identifying and controlling food contamination hazards, specifically in relation to those foods recognised in law as being the triggers for adverse health reactions.

This half day introduction course will look at food allergies and intolerances from a food handler’s perspective, and discuss practical ways to manage  allergens in the food handling environment. The class will share some of the best practices employed by the largest food manufacturing companies in the world, and discuss the legal obligations regarding customer information and labelling requirements.

This course is suited to food handlers and food business owners who want to gain an understanding of the allergen risk to their business, learn how to control cross contamination in the workplace, and provide customers with appropriate labelling and information.

Please note: A good understanding of written and spoken English is required to undertake this course.


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