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6 hours


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What You Learn

Create a professional finish

Functions of ingredients

Essential components to creating choux pastry

What You Get

Certificate of Attendance

Recipe notes

Hands on training

Materials to Bring

Carry bag to transport goods home

Pen for note taking

Dress Code

Participants are advised to wear flat, enclosed, rubber soled shoes for comfort and safety in the kitchens. To ensure food safety procedures are followed, long hair should be tied back and all unnecessary jewellery removed.

Learn to love choux upon mastering the fundamentals of choux pastry, or "Pate a Choux" in French.

Discover how choux pastry should be created and ought to taste.

In this inclusive hands on class learn to create fresh, innovative and exciting pastries from scratch, using superior choux pastry recipes which can be employed to create sweet or savoury dishes.

Allow our Pastry Chef to assist you in realising your ambition to conquer the art of producing modern French éclairs, profiteroles and, of course, the ubiquitous favourite, croquembouche.

Discover the secrets to creating delicious and opulent fillings and the intricacies of contemporary presentation employing modern techniques in decorating and garnishing.

Participate in this comprehensive course and the secrets and techniques of choux pastry will be revealed and dismantled, enabling you to create flawless pastries with a professional finish at home

Remember choux loves ya baby

Take home all you bake in class

On completion of this class you will receive a certificate of attendance.

A light lunch will be served for all particpants

Please note enrolments will close 48 hours prior to the commencement of this class

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